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Pocket Guide to
Pennsylvania Hatches
Co-author Paul Weamer


DVD Volumes 1 & 2
Practical Fly Patterns
That Catch Trout
Eric Stroup & Charles Meck





The Hatches Made Simple :
A Universal Guide
to Selecting the Right Fly
at the Proper Time

101 Innovative
Fly-Tying Tips


'Memory Rising
--Hatches, Waters
and Trout.'


Patterns, Hatches,
Tactics, and Trout

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How to Catch
More Trout

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Trout Streams and
Hatches of Pennsylvania :
A Complete Fly-Fishing
Guide to the State's Rivers
and Their Hatches (3rd Ed)

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Arizona Trout Streams
and Their Hatches :
in the High Deserts
of Arizona and
Western New Mexico

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Great Rivers-
Great Hatches

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Fishing Small
With a Fly Rod

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Trout Streams
and Their Hatches :
Overlooked Angling in
New York, and New Jersey

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Trout Streams
and Their Hatches
(title replaced by
Trout Streams and Hatches
of Pennsylvania above)

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