How to Catch More Trout
By Charles R. Meck

Noted fly fishing author, Charles R. Meck, has authored seven books on fly fishing which have sold in excess of 150,000 copies!  He distills 50 years of fly fishing experience and observation into this, his newest trout fishing volume.  This entire 276-page book is an in-depth presentation of a series of strategies Charles has developed which will appreciably increase the number of trout one catches. These strategies work in all trout waters -- everywhere! 

Profuse with 107 photos, and 41 charts, tables and drawings, nothing is held back in this tremendous work.  Charlie covers the flies, the hatches, the patters, the presentations, the leaders and more.  For a commonsense, practical approach which will put your fishing at a higher level of productivity, How to Catch More Trout fills the void.  No smoke, no gimmicks -- just the best approach a fly-wielding trout fisherman can take.


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