Mayfly Identification Page

As you fish, being observant can be very helpful. 
Here are pictures of some of the Mayflies. 
Click on the picture to enlarge it.

600specwingduneast.jpg (27238 bytes)

Dun - Eastern

600bwolivedun.jpg (28895 bytes)

Olive Dun

600bluewingolivewest.jpg (33584 bytes)
Olive Dun 
- Western
600slatedrake.jpg (46579 bytes)

Slate Drake

600yellowdrake.jpg (43753 bytes)
Yellow Drake
600browndrake.jpg (43982 bytes)
Brown Drake
600greendrake2.jpg (29449 bytes)
Green Drake
(Hexagenia rigida)

600greendrake.jpg (47329 bytes)

Green Drake
600darkgreendrake.jpg (58585 bytes)
Dark Green Drake

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600lightcahill.jpg (23510 bytes)
Light Cahill
600sulpher.jpg (41076 bytes)
600quillgordon.jpg (33728 bytes)

Quill Gordon

600bluequill.jpg (20008 bytes)

Blue Quill

600redquill.jpg (29131 bytes)
Red Quill
600trico.jpg (34917 bytes)


600hexspinner.jpg (66123 bytes)

Hex Spinner

600marchbrown.jpg (46752 bytes)
March Brown

Pretied flies for these Mayflies can be found at Orvis
(click on the FLY FISHING button then
select flies under ACCESSORIES & GADGETS)

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