Patterns, Hatches,
Tactics, and Trout
By Charles R. Meck

Increase your catch! Simple new tactics that really work - you could actually increase your catch by 3 or 4 times! By the time you finish chapter two you will probably put this book down, grab your rod and hit the stream. Patterns, Hatches, Tactics, and Trout contains exciting new information that could forever change the way you fly fish!

Finally! Pattern selection made easy! You could waste a lot of time trying every new pattern, method, or material that comes along. Now, this book sorts through the over 10,000 possibilities for you - and reduces them to 75 top patterns, with one overriding criteria in mind - do they catch trout over a wide range of waters?

What's new, what works! Bead-heads: Why they work! How to fish the hottest patterns to come along in fifty years! The two-fly tandem rig! - Learn how to score when nothing else works! Introducing the Patriot, the author's new topwater attractor that works North, South, East and West!

Lunker trout love sunken spent spinners! The Green Weenie and other nymph patterns that fool even the fussiest trout! Comparaduns and Parachutes: A fresh, new approach to tying and fishing the top hatch-matching dry flies! The Bi-Cycle: Fish two phases of the mayfly life cycle with one cast. New materials! Meck has sorted through the many new materials currently on the market. Now you will know which ones are worth your time and effort. You'll find better materials and methods for tying the classic patterns. Plus! Which new products really work? Bugskin, Larva Lace, Krystal Flash, Sparkle Yarn, Poly Yarn, Antron Yarn, Polycelon and much more.

Charles Meck is the author of four other widely acclaimed books: Meeting and Fishing the Hatches; Fishing Small Streams with a Fly Rod; Pennsylvania Trout Streams and Their Hatches; and (with Greg Hoover) Great Rivers-Great Hatches. He has also contributed many articles to national periodicals such as Fly Fisherman and American Angler. Charles has spoken to more than 250 fly fishing groups. A specialist in aquatic entomology, Meck has taught high school biology and served for 25 years as Regional Director for Continuing Education at the Pennsylvania State University. Charles lives in Pennsylvania Furnace, Pennsylvania.

Patterns, Hatches, Tactics, and Trout looks at some simple tactics that catch more trout. It examines the tandem, how to use it and what patterns work best with it. The book also looks at the hatches and includes extensive hatch charts for all parts of the United States. Whether you are a beginner or an expert you can learn much from this book.

If you have difficulty deciding what fly to use on what day then Patterns, Hatches, Tactics, and Trout should help. It looks at 75 top patterns, with one overriding criterion in mindódo they catch trout over a wide range of waters.

Here's what some of the readers have said after they tried some of the techniques suggested in the book.

  • "It's the best system of fly fishing I've ever seen." - E. Morse, Shaker Heights, Ohio
  • "My cousin has only fly fished once before, but your tandem technique got him into a dozen trout that day." -A Lijoi, Hanover, PA
  • "On a recent trip to Horseshoe Lake I used a Patriot with great success, landing four nice rainbows and one brown trout." -I. David, Lakeside, AZ
  • "I had to write to tell you how pleased I am about the tandem after reading about it in Patterns, Hatches, Tactics, and Trout. I figure that I've quintupled my productivity." - C. Josephson, Blairsville, PA


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