Fishing Tandem Flies—Tactics, Techniques, and Rigs to Catch More Trout

Fishing Tandem Flies is a 122-page paperback book chock full of information on fishing the tandem. The tandem is a great way to fish two or more flies at two or more depths at the same time. This fact-filled book demonstrates seven ways to connect two flies. Each type of connection has advantages and disadvantages. The book examines all of these. There are more than 40 illustrations that explain all of these rigs..

One of the newest of these connections is the looped leader method. The book explains how to tie the fly with several illustrations. It’s a simple way of connecting two flies. Make a loop in the leader just above the first or second knot on the leader (where you place the looped leader fly depends on how deep you want the wet fly to go). Slip the loop over the fly and you have an instant connection.

In addition to the seven ways to connect the flies you’ll find information techniques of fishing the tandem and what patterns, both wet and dry, to use. This is a book you will use and refer to often.

Fishing Tandem Flies came on the market on September 1 and is now available through (click on Books below), your local bookstore or fly shop. If you are a dealer and want to order several books you can order directly through Raymond Rumpf by calling 1-800-523-6644. The book is published by Freshwater Press. 531 Harding Street, New Cumberland, PA 17070

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